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Prontus is an open source web content manager (CMS), developed for sites that require high security and must always be available to users, no matter how many there are.

Prontus is used by hundreds of clients on corporate, media, and transactional websites. It is available under a GNU-LGP license at

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Easy to use

Content creation is done using a visual editor similar to a traditional word processor. In addition, the contents of each page of your site can be assigned manually using drag & drop so you will always know where each piece of content is showing.

High performance

Sites built with Prontus can respond to thousands of simultaneous unique visitors, and allow hundreds of thousands of articles to be published without slowing down the site's performance.

Easy to integrate

Prontus can adapt to changing requirements and integrate new services. Additionally, it can work seamlessly with other products such as Janus and MailCenter.


Prontus provides ample design freedom, allowing you to manage different types of templates for your website.


Designed to protect information, Prontus completely isolates the administration environment so  there will be no access to your database from the outside. The CMS is also continuously updated, protecting it against possible new threats.

More information available at

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