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Email Marketing allows you to establish a direct communication channel with your customers.
Email marketing campaigns are very efficient in terms of cost and effectiveness to capture new customers, retain existing ones and promote your services.

MailCenter is an email marketing tool with more than 15 years in the market, which allows you to deliver personalized messages to your clients.

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Take care of your database

We check the database to detect invalid or risky addresses, to improve the delivery rate and reduce bounces. MailCenter also allows you to export your database at any time, to keep it under your control.

Segment and personalize your messages

Segment your contacts to customize messages to specific interest groups based on their category, classification and preferences. Each message can be personalized according to name, gender or any other element in the database. In addition, you can send messages in different formats: with images, as web pages, with attachments and others.

Stay in control

MailCenter maintains a record of sent emails detailing what, when and to whom each communication was addressed, presenting statistics on each.

Available wherever you need it

MailCenter can be installed on a server in your organization, or hosted by AltaVoz. Either way, MailCenter can be accessed and operated over the Internet.

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