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Development of the DFMAS website for Diario Financiero.



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The Project

AltaVoz developed the site for DF MAS based on a design carried out by Diario Financiero. DF MAS is a special edition of the newspaper that is published every Sunday. DFMAS needed to have a space with its own personality, separated from the weekly edition of Diario Financiero, where it would be easier to find the content.

The site was developed using a modular system that allows publishers to create and define new site pages using pre-built elements. This gives a great amount of flexibility to editors, who can add or remove components according to their needs.

The site uses Prontus for easy and efficient content management. It also has some tailor-made integrations that allows the client to easily share content with the rest of Diario Financiero without having to re-upload articles or generate duplicate content.

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