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People are our obsession when it comes to design, and we focus on them. We also believe that your business can grow and separate itself from your competition thanks to an excellent experience in the design of your digital channels. The best thing is that all of this can be planned, tested and measured.

AltaVoz works with the User-centered Design methodology to deliver not only creative expression, but also effective user experiences according to the goals of each client.

We carry out a complete analysis of the needs of the users of each site to deliver the information in the best way on your website, mobile application or corporate mailing.

Imagen foto_00000011 We first investigate real users with interviews, focus groups or surveys (UCD methodology).
Imagen foto_00000012 Based on the research, we design the interaction according to the interests of the users and the Business.
Imagen foto_00000013 We then design prototypes using Wireframes and test our ideas with users (AI).
Imagen foto_00000014 We find the perfect visual aspect through Interface Design (UI).
Imagen foto_00000012 Finally, we evaluate the Usability and Accessibility of all our designs and developments.


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