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Diario Usach


Products and services

  • Prontus
  • Janus
  • Web Development

The Project

The University of Santiago (USACH) created their new own media project, after successfully relaunching Radio Usach during 2020. Diario Usach delivers written news and also video and audio content created for the radio and for their TV channel, Santiago Television.

Audio and video streaming are provided by AltaVoz's Janus service, which allows easy editing of live content to create on demand video and podcasts, as well as giving users the option to pause and rewind the live broadcast.

The site has a Data Factory integration for the display of sports statistics, and has a widget specially developed to display financial data (Chilean UF, US Dollar, maket indicators and others).

Diario Usach also has podcasts created on the Spreaker platform and integrated with Prontus for displaying it on the website, providing a unified list where you can find all the content and be able to follow it on the user's preferred platform.

AltaVoz also developed mobile apps for iOS and Android for Radio Usach, where users can browse the radio shows, listen to previous episodes, read the news and access the TV streaming.

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